quarta-feira, março 12, 2008

Oração por Herbert McCabe


Our praying itself is as much a gift as is the answer to it. And prayer is not just God's gift in the way that our power of speech or our health is God's gift; prayer is God's grace, and that means it is due to God's own life within us, God's own spirit within us.

When we pray, we display a divine power which is in us because we are in Christ, sharing his life. We speak to the Father with the voice of his Son because we have been taken up to share in their Spirit. ...

Now this is an astonishing teaching: every bringing of our desires before our Father in heaven is Christ in us speaking to his Father and ours. ...

You must indeed pray for the right things; but the right things are not the noble high-minded things that you think you ought to want, they are the vulgar and rather infantile things you really do want. Genuine prayer is honest prayer, laying before your Father in heaven the actual desires of your heart - never mind how childish they may sound. Your Father knows how to cope with that. ...

worry about your own interests, if you will just try to be, and admit to being, as you ...If you will be honest in prayer, acknowledging that you are not very altruistic, that you doare, the Holy Spirit, I promise you, will lead you into a deeper understanding of who you are and what you really want. ...We all start as children and we all need time to grow up. It is no good pretending that we are already there. If you treat a 5-year-old as an adult she will never be allowed to grow into a real adult.

–God, Christ and Us; Herbert McCabe OP

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