quarta-feira, setembro 08, 2004

Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox Issue #170

"In our competitive world we’re taught to never quit trying, never give up, and never give in - so we don’t hear much about surrendering. If winning is everything, surrendering is unthinkable. Even Christians would rather talk about winning, succeeding, overcoming, and conquering than yielding, submitting, obeying, and surrendering. But surrendering to God is the heart of worship."

Rick Warren

"You can put Bibles in the chairs for seekers who don’t bring them, but there is a deeper issue: Is reading Scripture together 'less spiritual' if you read it off a video screen or an outline or bulletin? Of course not! Christians have only had personal Bibles for the last 550 years of the church, and even today most Christians overseas do not own their own Bible. Are they less 'spiritual' in God’s eyes because they don’t bring a Bible to church? In the 'ancient faith' (vintage New Testament) no one had a Bible to bring, but the church was strong and grew rapidly. Let’s rejoice because of all the new tools we have to present God’s Word (besides book form) rather than lamenting them. Let's use what Gutenberg invented, and every other format that gets God’s Word into the minds of people. The tools aren’t spiritual. Only God’s inerrant Word is!"

Rick Warren

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