sexta-feira, dezembro 29, 2006

Missional Church....já ouviu falar?

(1) A missional church is externally focused.

(2) A missional church is culturally engaged without being absorbed.

(3) A missional church is incarnationally not institutionally driven.

(4) A missional church is about discipleship not church membership.

(5) A missional church is patterned after God's missionary purpose in the world.

(6) A missional church seeks to establish Kingdom outposts to retake territory under the control of the Evil One.

(7) A missionary church seeks to plant,grow, and multiply missionary communities.

(8) A missionary church trains and equips new leaders to enter territories under seige by Dark Forces. We learn in the context of mission not in the security of our comfort zone.

(9) A missional church highlights character, virtue, and compassionate deeds as the most effective witness to God's Kingdom.

(10) A missional church connects to Jesus through mission not doctrinal precision.

(11) A missional church adopts an organizational structure and internal forms based on mission not ecclesiastical traditions.

(12) A missional church sees itself as organic and not in static institutional forms.

(13) A missional church pursues relationships across generational, ethnic, economic and cultural lines of distinctions.

(14) A missional church seeks to partner with the community to "seek the shalom" of the community.

(15) A missional church assembles to seek God's presence and to be realigned with God's missionary purpose.

(16) A missionary church seeks to reawaken a movement ethos as together we engage our cultural context.