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NICK HORNBY- The Complete Polysyllabic Sprre - Quotes-.

What I´ve always loved about fiction is its ability to be smart about people who aren´t themselves smart, or at least don´t necessarily have the resources to describe their own emotional states. p. 162
Sobre o livro de Gabriel Zaid, So Many Books:
"Zaid estimates for example, that it would take us fifteen years simply to read a list of all the books ever published (author and title - he´s very precise. You can, presumably, add on another sever or eight years if you want to know the names of the publishers). I think he intends to make us despair, but I was actually rather heartened: not only can I now see that it´s possible- I´d finished some time in my early sixties.- but I´m seriously tempted"(...) Zadie´s finest moment, however, comes in his second paragraph when he says that´the truly cultured are capable of owning thousands of unread books without losing their composure or their desire for more. p. 122

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